Modern Geometric Animals Sculptures by Ben Foster

Modern Geometric Animals Sculptures by Ben Foster

Ben Foster a sculptor based in Kaikoura, New Zealand, who is inspired by the landscape and scenery surrounding his home. He combines elements in nature with beautiful geometric forms to create his figurative and abstract sculptures. Through his art, he explores human interaction with animals and the land.

Ben Foster Sculpture



“My works are a culmination of the natural and the manmade – a careful balance of form and motion.” said Foster.

Ben Foster

Ben Foster Sculpture

ben foster golden boy2

Most of his works include an element of nature. What love the most is the series of geometric animals sculptures. The organically-inspired forms exude lightheartedness and humour, . Golden Boy (2012) is the family Labrador translated into a geometric figurative form. Golden Boy was created with white enamel-coated aluminium or stainless steel. Foster has captured the pure essence of humankind’s loyal companion in his contemporary sculpture.

Ben Foster Sculpture


The White Horse (2013) is another sculpture from Ben Foster which he uses geometric rendering to suggest the horse’s connection to the natural environment.  The interplay of light and shadow makes the horse’s silhouette  resemble the mountain landscape. The geometric shape captures the natural shape and structure so well that it gives the horse movement, especially when you are looking at the figure from different angles.

Ben Foster Sculpture

Ben Foster Sculpture

Ben Foster Sculpture



Ben Foster’s work shows the connection between all the living things and the environment, aiming to make us contemplate how there is a mutual dependency between humans, animals and the environment. Visit his website to see more.

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