Adorable and Sleek Woodland Animal Desk Helpers from Joosepino

Adorable and Sleek Woodland Animal Desk Helpers from Joosepino

Desk pets definitely brighten your day at work and these adorable and sleek Desk Helpers are not just cute but are great as containers for your stationery and keeping you desk tidy. Joosepino is a South-Korea-based design studio.  They offer five woodland creatures as your desk companions. I certainly want them all: Ramzy, the squirrel pencil sharpener; Hoglet, the hedgehog photo/card holder; Antler, the moose phone holder; Mey, the magnetic sheep for your metal paperclips; and Elly, the elephant tape dispenser.

Joosepino – Desk Helpers


Ramzy the squirrel pencil sharpener

ellyfinal joosepino

Elly the elephant tape dispenser


Mey the magnetic sheep for your metal paperclips


Antler the moose phone holder

hoglet desk helpers

Hoglet the hedgehog photo/card holder

These Desk Helpers use high strength stainless steel and silicon which is non toxic. The cute stainless steel creatures are laser cut to precision. Desk Helpers are certainly going to make it easier to get through a hard day at the office. They offer reasonable worldwide shipping on their online store.  So go for it! Visit Joosepino.


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