Michael Tatom – Master of the Animal Jewellery

Michael Tatom – Master of the Animal Jewellery

I’ve just realised that I never written about a jewellery designer on Design Forest. So I did a bit of research and I found Michael Tatom – a master jeweller and sculptor – and I have to share his animal jewellery with everyone.

Michael Tatom was raised in a family of artists and designers. He has been a jeweller and sculptor for more than twenty five year. He started a custom jewellery business in Santa Fe after attending the Gemological Institute of America and working for 10 years. He now has many custom jewellery stores.

Not only he is known for his unique, elegant, contemporary designs, featuring exacting craftsmanship, and the finest quality gemstones. He also sculpted beautiful, bronze, animal figures that captures the essence of those creatures.

Now he has a range of fantastic animal jewellery on his Etsy store. The range which is inspired by his bronze animal sculptures and minimal, fluid but precise jewellery design. The whole range is incredible and it is the finest range of animal jewellery I’ve ever seen. I need a cat bracelet in the fox bracelet’s style!

Michael Tatom – Master of the Animal Jewellery


michael tatom

 Silver Fox Bracelet 


Fox Necklace with diamond eyes


Silver Lopp ear bunny ring


 Forest Cat Ring


14k Gold Jack Rabbit Pendant


 Forest Cat Ring With Diamond Eyes


14K Gold Fox Ring with ruby eyes


 Forest Cat Necklace


Grizzly Bear Pendant With Chain


Sitting Fox Pendant


 Bronze Bunny Pendant

Visit Michael Tatom’s Store for the full range.


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