fox stoneware ceramic planter
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Periwinkle Blue Fox Stoneware Ceramic Planter


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Product Description

Periwinkle Blue Fox Stoneware Ceramic Planter

A whimsical blue fox stoneware ceramic planter, glazed with glossy periwinkle blue glaze. This is a small planter perfect for small succulents. The glaze is slightly translucent, showing the speckly stoneware clay. This pot has no drainage hole. Hand wash only. There is a tiny white flaw in the glaze on the right side on the edge of the planter. You should be able to see in the 2nd picture. It doesn’t detract from the cuteness of the planter. It should not be noticeable if you put a draping or large succulent over it. So the price is £27 instead of full price £28. Ready to ship.

Approximate dimensions:

W 11 x H 11.5 x L 12.5 CM

This listing is for periwinkle blue fox planter only.

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