Adorable Realistic Printed Cat Cushions from Carrie Siamon

Adorable Realistic Printed Cat Cushions from Carrie Siamon

What we are sharing with you today is another great step towards turning into a modern cat lady! We found these adorable realistic printed cat cushions on Carrie Siamon’s Etsy store. OMG! They are so cute and are just like having an extra real kitty’s face staring at you. You can snuggle right up. There are some other, similar products online but they are not are as realistic and lovely as Carrie’s ones.

Adorable Realistic Printed Cat Cushions from Carrie Siamon



 Cat Cushions from Carrie 


 Cat Pillow From Carrie Siamon

They can be use as sofa cushions or in the bed room as pillows. Size: 21.7 inches long, 17.7 inches wide, 4.7 inches high. Carrie uses thickened cotton to fill the cushion. The cats’ faces looks like they are sublimation prints and the cushions are backed with cotton which feels softer than PVC.





 Cat Cushion From Carrie Siamon Various Design Listing. (And her cats)

“I like cats very much, I put the cats as my sons to take care of, so I have adopted 5 stray cats. I often tell my neighbors the stray cats, to remind them that animals love their lives, and that by helping animals, sometimes you can help yourself, too.” said Carrie.


We need one of these realistic printed cat cushions. And not only does buying one of these mean that you can cuddle an extra cat all day long, but your purchase also helps to support Carrie and her family of stray cats. Visit Carrie’s Store.


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