Design Forest is an online magazine that showcases animals in art, products and design. The website also delivers up-to-date news, trends and talk about various creative people whose work is influenced by animals. Design Forest is a celebration of animals and nature and how we integrated them into various aspects of our lives. It has been created for people who love animals, art and design, to serve as a resource. It provides ideas and inspiration and is your online shopping guide.

Design Forest branched out from the success of its sister site, Pause, an online pet resource and accessories guide for the creative community. Pause was launched in 2013 by Sherry Visetbhakdi Cantlay. Sherry was a graphic designer and illustrator in the fashion industry for over ten years. She has held positions on design teams working with many of the world’s most popular children’s characters. She loved working with trends and illustrations in her previous position. So both Pause and Design Forest also have a lot of trend-related articles. With her passion for pets, animals and design, she has created a unique world for animal fans who love design, art and visuals. By incorporating creativity, she also wishes to deliver animal art and design content with a difference, to create a unique editorial style for Design Forest.





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